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Hi Clear Nails Colorado,

I’m a recent customer of your new toenail fungus removal laser. I can’t explain how pleased I am with the experience. I’ve been a repeat customer for my tattoo removal as well, but words can’t describe the pleasant experience of dealing with such a great staff. People have asked about the pain from the new laser, which I’ve explained is virtually painless. It’s almost non-existent. You can feel it touching your toe, but it’s no more painful than dragging your socked feet on the floor and touching someone and “shocking” them. Can’t wait to see the results. Heard of great results from this type of laser. Keep up the great work and thank you.

– Didi

Clear Nails –

Excited to see the results, it was a quick and painless procedure.

– Henry J.

I came in to address a pesky and persistent big toe which has had some sort of funky business going on for the better part of 10 years. No matter what type of natural treatment I tried and no matter how diligent I was at treating the nail, it never really looked healthy.

After coming to your office, I was informed that it was safer to err on the side of caution by applying the laser treatment to all 10 of my toenails. I was cautioned that I would likely feel slight discomfort during the process, but nothing that would make me want to bite my tongue.

That description was definitely accurate. Initially, I thought that I felt a frosty sensation in my big toe as the laser was being applied, but with each nail that was treated, the slight discomfort *(which was increasingly more hot)* was still quite tolerable. Overall, I’d say that it barely registered on my pain-o-meter. It was the type of discomfort that you might experience while plucking out an eyebrow hair — it was there and then totally GONE.

Overall, I was pleased with the experience. Everyone at Clear Nails Colorado was personable, informative and cheerful, so on the whole, that definitely took the edge off of my anxiety.

While it is way too soon to tell if my toenail is on the road to pink-n-healthy territory, I’m definitely hopeful and I would seriously consider returning to Clear Nails Colorado for a follow up treatment.


– Elizabeth F.