Toenail Fungus Aftercare

What to Do After Receiving Laser Treatment

After you receive laser treatment for toenail fungus at Clear Nails Colorado, there are various aftercare procedures you must follow to ensure the fungus does not return:

  • Foot Hygiene
  • Toenail Care
  • Sock and Shoe Care
  • Public Precautions

You must wash your feet at least once a day and thoroughly dry them after exposing them to water, especially between the toes. Every day, be sure to apply anti-fungal cream to all areas of your feet and toes minus the toenail area. To further avoid reinfection, sterilize your nail clippers and files prior to using them after the laser treatment. It is imperative you keep your nails short so they do not break.

Broken nails give fungus an entry point to re-infect the nail bed. You must also bleach your socks and sterilize your shoes. Lamisil or Lotrimin is a great anti-fungal powder/spray that can be used to disinfect your shoes. Our office also offers SteriShoe, which sterilizes shoes via an ultraviolet light. When you are in public places, protect your feet at all times. Wear flip-flops or sandals in locker rooms and hotel bathrooms.

If you have any further questions regarding our aftercare tips, please contact us!