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Help Your Toenail Fungus?

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The specialists at Clear Nails Colorado are certified and trained in treating toenail fungus. They graduated from reputable programs at the Rocky Mountain Laser College and have completed thousands of successful laser procedures.

The Clear Nails Colorado facility is different than all others because a laser treatment for toenail fungus is the most effective tool to fight fungus. We have proven results, and 95% of our patients are satisfied with their results when laser treatment is performed by our laser, the Astanza Revolution. We are dedicated to both the advancement of medical research and customer service.

What Makes us different:

  • We Use the Most Advanced Laser Technology
  • In Depth Treatment for Lasting Relief
  • Expert Care by Trained Professionals


Deep Relief for Serious Problems

The experienced specialists at Clear Nails Colorado have dealt with all kinds of nail fungus. We know how to deal with a varying range of infections. As a client, you are entitled to a custom toenail fungus laser treatment with the Astanza Revolution.

First, the client undergoes a detailed consultation. Then, the specialist carries out a treatment for toenail fungus that involves multiple steps using the Astanza Revolution. Finally, the client is given instructions to maintain the results and avoid recurring problems, damage and infections.

A laser toenail fungus removal is performed on any part of the toe. The distal subungual onychomycosis is a specific type of onychomycosis that infects beneath the nail bed and plate.

A topical cream is usually not effective because of the covered location. Using oral medicine can cause health problems and only works for a few people. Since toenail fungus is hard to access beneath the nail plate, so many people go through years of unsuccessful treatments while wallowing in silence. Meanwhile, the nails become weaker and more yellow.

Undesired Side Effects

Toenail fungus creates a dark, cloudy look on the infected nails. The patient feels less confident and tries to keep the area covered as much as possible.

Toe fungus affects people who want to wear open shoes or reveal them to other people. Wearing covered shoes can promote the problem because of excessive perspiration. Instead of feeding the infection, contact a Clear Nails Colorado professional right away.

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Symptoms & Procedures

What makes us different
  • We Use the Most Advanced Laser Technology
  • 70-80% OF Our Clients' Only Need One Treatment
  • In Depth Treatment for Lasting Relief
  • Expert Care by Trained Professionals